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Dazzle Your Instagram Followers with Before and After Shots

By Admin

When you go to post photos on your Cherry Blow Dry Bar Instagram, knowing what to post can be difficult, especially when you are first starting out. One thing that you cannot go wrong with, your posts, is before and after shots. They are simple, easy, and a great way to start out as you figure out what else works on your account. 

Consistent Posting

When you post before and after shots, you give yourself content to provide even when you do not have much else to contribute to your timeline. Instagram algorithms love accounts that post often. So when you post these pictures you are giving yourself that extra boost for when you do have other things to post, like promoting your products or advertising a new service. This is a way to ensure that people will see your posts often. 

They Show Off Your Stylists Talents

When you post these photos it communicates something to the public that is not always able to be conveyed through words alone. Pictures are after all, worth a thousand words as they say. Posting the especially impressive before and after shots allows you to brag about individual employees and show people who are best at which treatments and styles. This will make it easier for people who are coming into your salon with no prior experience. They can know what to expect, or even come in to get a specific look that has already been done on another client. They can even know which stylist they would be most comfortable with styling their hair and request them directly! 

They Are An Easy Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing today can absolutely make or break your business. You are able to advertise in a variety of ways both for free and paid- and free advertising is some of the best you can get. Since social media accounts are a great way to promote your business for free it would make sense that before and after shots are a great way to advertise your brand. It displays the quality of your work and the work of your employees. When people see that you have great quality service, they will follow your account and be much more likely to purchase from your online store and pay the salon a visit. 

Tips For The Best Shots

The most important tip for getting a good picture for your feed is to ask for the client’s permission before you ever take the photo. There are some people who are uncomfortable with being posted online, especially on public accounts. If they realize that they have had their likeness displayed somewhere they did not want to be shown, you could very well lose the client- and a consistent customer base is more important than drawing in new customers. That being said, you can also invest in different kinds of lighting methods designed for highlighting pictures. Halo lights, for example, might be a good investment to make your photos attractive. If you have the ability to, hiring a professional photographer for your Instagram can also be a great way to ensure consistent and quality content for your followers.

There are a lot of reasons why before and after shots can be beneficial to your brand. If you ever have questions, make sure to ask- we are here to help keep your Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise thriving!